Living in Tampa Bay certainly has its benefits – beach weather and white sands. Unfortunately, there can be some less-than-desirable conditions in the form of hurricanes or windstorms. Knowing this, insurance companies can insist or even require a homeowner or property owner to get Windstorm or Wind Mitigation Inspections.

About Wind Mitigation Inspections

A Windstorm or Wind Mitigation Inspection is a brief inspection that can help determine whether your property can withstand winds and storms and thereby reduce windstorm insurance rates and lower your overall costs.

This brief but thorough inspection verifies construction methods that create wind mitigation discounts from your insurance company thus saving you money. All windows in your home as well as doors and sills are inspected for age, condition and to ensure they can withstand high winds. The roof and structure is then inspected with emphasis on sustainability in high winds. The inspection usually takes less than an hour but can save time and countless expenses later.

Why Should I Get An Inspection?

With a proper inspection, insurance companies will often issue a check directly to you in three to six weeks. The savings can continue from that point forward as well as provide a safe and secure feeling knowing your property is ready should an unexpected high-wind storm approach.

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