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Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Home… Sinkholes…

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Sinkholes are very common in Florida,

This might have you a little bit worried specially when you are considering buying your first home.

The Florida Department of Financial Services offers some suggestions for anyone who is thinking on buying a home.

  1. first of all you have to make sure the house you are interested in buying is insurable.
  2. Make sure that you have sinkhole coverage in your policy. Ask your agent for details about all your coverage.
  3. Always hire a Certified Inspector like Affordable Inspections who can help you find any signs of potential sinkhole activity.
  4. Consider sinkhole testing even though an insurance company should not require you to have this testing done to granting you coverage it is always a piece of mind just like your home inspection.

Hillsborough Couty sinkhole,Home Inspections


This is a Sinkhole Map for Hillsborough County 

Hillsborough Couty sinkhole, Home Inspections


Mike Potts

Mike Potts

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in structural engineering, Mike moved to Tampa Bay and soon discovered a need in the community for trained, professional inspectors. Using his training in the field, Mike established Affordable Inspections, Inc. in 1992 and began offering his services to the public – inspecting commercial and residential properties. Taking on not just inspections, but full-on construction projects, Mike made a name for himself as an expert in structural engineering and worked on large commercial buildings in Tampa Bay and Clearwater.