You’re considering buying a home in Palm Harbor Florida, a lovely community situated very near both the Gulf of Mexico and the Tampa Bay (a great spot to live for people and for mold) but you’re worried there could be a mold problem.

If you’d like to live in Palm Harbor, Florida, you would be smart to consider mold detection and take steps to find out what the problems are before you sign on the dotted line. During our Mold Inspections, we can find mold in almost any house. Mold is prevalent and thrives in warm and humid environments and Palm Harbor is no stranger to humidity.

Some mold problems are obvious – you can see it growing. Others are not so obvious. If you can see mold, or if there is a musty odor in that Palm Harbor home, you probably have a mold problem. Areas that are wet, or have been wet due to flooding, leaky plumbing, leaky roofing, or areas that are humid (such as bathrooms and laundry rooms) are most likely to have mold growth.

Black Mold

What is mold and how do I know I have it?

Mold is just a type of fungus. If mold can be seen on drywall that is painted or primed, then you hopefully won’t need to remove the drywall. The mold can be cleaned off the walls but the source of the mold should be detected and corrected.  Sometimes it’s an event like a leak that can be fixed and therefore the mold would not return once the problem is resolved.  However, if mold gets into the drywall, that material is porous and it will hold the mold in.  If you’re handy, you may be able to replace the drywall yourself and therefore remediate the problem. Unfortunately, mold can return.

Toxic mold, also known as black mold, can cause you to be extremely sick, or even kill you.
Signs to watch for are sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, chronic sinus infections, fatigue, and mental and emotional health problems like depression. If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms and suspect you’ve got toxic black mold in your house, you should get a home inspection.

Where would I look for mold problems?

The humidity in Florida towns like Palm Harbor that are basically surrounded by water can be a very strong factor.

Mold is most often found in the bathroom and kitchen though it can be anywhere in the house. Visible mold growth may be found underneath wallpaper and baseboards, behind walls, on wood surfaces, furniture, or may be evident by discolored plaster or drywall. If you don’t have any observable mold, but are experiencing symptoms likely to be mold-induced, the mold could be growing in areas you can’t see, such as the ducts of a heating/cooling systems and insulation. In this case, the only way to know if you have mold spores is to test.

What is the process to inspect for mold problems?

Once you’ve chosen a home in Palm Harbor to be in contract with, full home inspection is in order. Mold inspection is a big part of that inspection. If you have visible mold, we can conduct a swab test that can be analyzed to determine the molds that are present. Testing is the only way to determine if you have a mold problem and what type it is. After the Affordable Inspector collects the samples from your home you will receive a comprehensive report from an EPA certified laboratory identifying the level and type of molds in your Palm Harbor home in a comprehensive and easy to read report.

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Mike Potts

Mike Potts

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in structural engineering, Mike moved to Tampa Bay and soon discovered a need in the community for trained, professional inspectors. Using his training in the field, Mike established Affordable Inspections, Inc. in 1992 and began offering his services to the public – inspecting commercial and residential properties. Taking on not just inspections, but full-on construction projects, Mike made a name for himself as an expert in structural engineering and worked on large commercial buildings in Tampa Bay and Clearwater.