Plumbing inspections can detect some of most damaging and most common problems that we face in Tampa Bay – water damage. Water damage can lead to flooding, mold and corrosion. Whether your property is new or old, the plumbing can be problematic because even an extremely small flaw or leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. No one wants to have faulty plumbing and few are aware that their systems can be close to failure if not dangerously unsafe.

Plumbing Inspections include:

  • Checks for leaks and proper use of piping materials based on service application
  • Observation and reports on the condition and operation of the water heater including year of manufacture, water temperature and remaining statistical life expectancy
  • Water pressure is measured
  • Primary and secondary water shut-offs are located
  • All visible fixtures, pipes, and drains are tested for proper operation
  • Proper drainage and operation of plumbing fixtures are checked
  • Sanitary sewer clean outs are located and reported

Affordable Inspections of Tampa Bay has created a unique inspection system specifically designed to detect leaks and locate problem areas that may be present in your property. In addition, we can advise you on safe ways to handle any problems we may find or suggest improvements.

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