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Interview with Jamie Meloni and Affordable Inspections:

Michael Potts is a Home inspector in the Tampa bay region with Affordable Inspections, he is also a License Florida General Contractor with over 25 years of experience in the building industry, in this time his company has inspected over 25 thousand homes through out the State of Florida and he has a Masters Degree in Building Engineer Management as well as Structural Engineering from Michigan State University and he is a Member of many Building Organizations including the Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

Jamie: Michael you have an extensive background in General Contracting & Engineering, explain to me how this knowledge sets you apart from many of the home inspectors and companies that are in our market place?

Michael:  Thank you Jamie for having us on our show, we are very excited of being here. One of the main things that brakes us different than our regular home inspector is that we have building experience, we inspect not only residencial properties we inspect also commercial properties and with that type of education and experience we are able to dissect the properties and every aspect of the property from the site all the way to the structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and cover every avenue with experience, not only from books but actually field experience where all of our employees and inspectors have been been in the field themselves and know how to build and know construction well, commercial and residencial.

Jamie:  Now you are also still involved in general contracting work, how is your company split between these two different avenues your home inspections and you also do general contracting work as well ?

Michael: Yes, we are a full time property inspection that is residencial,  your homes and also the commercial properties, we are able to take on selective clients, recently we took on one of the Catholic Diocese, one of the Churches they purchased, we inspected the property, they wanted quite a bit of work done and we went ahead and did a contract with the Catholic Diocese and we are renovating one of the properties for them and that goes along with the residencial, we have done many window replacements and other jobs similar to that but we work on the general contracting as needed basis for our clientele so we can offer that service and also during the inspection period should the client have any questions on ” hey what would that cost for us to have an addition or we want to replace the windows”, we are able to give them the professional estimate at the time to help them get closer to the closing table and have an understanding of what they could afford and what they want to do down the road.

Jamie: Yes I think that is a very good point to mention and to  promote about your company, I mean not only are you an inspector but you are also a License General Contractor where as many inspectors go in there and say ” well this needs fixed but they can not really elaborate on the actual process of the cost,  you can step in and give more information to a customer on what is needed to be done, correct?

Michael: Exactly, a lot of clients really appreciate that, and there is no additional cost for a complete estimate on that. That way we have all the aspects electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing, structure, additions and all the other crazy things that come up during the inspection process we are able to provide that for all of our most sophisticated clients, commercial and residencial.

Jamie: Now in your company you have other staff inspectors, tell me a little bit more about the structure of your company.

Michael: we have six inspectors on staff all of them are college educated, they are all licensed with a home inspector license with the state of Florida, ASHI, NASHI, INTER NASHI, we follow the florida statutes and guidelines with all our inspection procedures, fully insured, and each one of our inspectors we take a pride in educating our clients at the field, we don’t leave the property until we answer all the question’s clients, we love questions, we love the clients to ask the questions and we definitely don’t stir away anytime.

Jamie: Now speak to me a little bit about the process to become license to perform home inspections, I know several years ago when I got into the business it was very unregulated but its kind of moved a little bit more regulated now to you get a license to be a home inspector in Florida, how does that work?

Michael: Basically you call the state, you are going to be able to schedule for the test, see if you qualify for the test for the State of Florida, the test is a lot more complicated now than before when there wasn’t any testing, they definitely want to keep it regulated, and also they are insured, to go out there to do the inspection you have to show a license card the home inspection card and also show their insurance at the onset of every inspection.

Jamie: I think that is very important point that you just made there, you know, make them show that there are credentials prior to getting them out there to your property,  because you know, when you are in the purchase process and you are in the contract and it is time to inspect the home you definitely want to make sure you are working with a qualified professional such as yourself.  Now being in the home  building industry for so many years, I have no doubt you have seen many unique situations that if they are not uncovered during the home inspection process could severely impact the buyer’s wallet post closing, tell me about some unique situations that you have uncovered during your inspections.

For the full interview, please watch the video below.

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Mike Potts

Mike Potts

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in structural engineering, Mike moved to Tampa Bay and soon discovered a need in the community for trained, professional inspectors. Using his training in the field, Mike established Affordable Inspections, Inc. in 1992 and began offering his services to the public – inspecting commercial and residential properties. Taking on not just inspections, but full-on construction projects, Mike made a name for himself as an expert in structural engineering and worked on large commercial buildings in Tampa Bay and Clearwater.