Important Things All Home Inspectors Want You to Know

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After working for decades as a licensed builder and roofing contractor, Mike Potts put his expertise to work as a home inspector. He truly knows construction inside and out, and his experience as a builder has made him one of the most knowledgeable home inspector in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Here are some key things to know so you can have a successful and useful home inspection.

Even New Homes Should Be Inspected

Your home inspection shouldn’t be optional because, simply put, no house is perfect. Whether you’re buying a brand new house or one that’s a century old, it’s important to have your home inspected. You will almost always find present problems or future problems that could save you a lot of money in the long run just by having your home inspected by a licensed Home Inspector.

Not All Inspectors Are Qualified

Not all states require inspectors to be licensed. In Florida, just about anyone can call themselves an inspector – a fact which is pretty scary when you think about the implications.

Even if your state does require inspectors to be certified, you’ll want to do thorough research before hiring one. Protect yourself from wannabe home inspectors by choosing one that’s licensed and certified by the state.

Price Should Not Be a Priority

You get what you pay for when you’re hiring a home inspector; skimping now could cost you significantly in the future.

You can hire Uncle Bob which knows how to put up a fence and fix your son’s bikes to do your inspection… look around your new home and do your inspection so you can save some money, but you will soon find that Uncle Bob will cost you more than you bargain for, he will not find the leak on the roof, the rat infestation in the attic, the foundation problems you could have or the termites that might be crawling all over your house. Having an inspection is a piece of mind.

The cost of hiring an experienced home inspector therefore, is well worth it no matter what the outcome.

You Should Always Attend Your Inspection

Our Inspectors always prefers their clients to be present at the inspection because they can “really see their needs and what they’re worried about.” If you’re there to ask questions, your inspector can tailor the process to your personal needs and concerns. The inspection is your chance to take advantage of your inspector’s expertise and find out everything you need to know about the house – so you should definitely make an effort to be there.

There Are No Dumb Questions

Example: Mary is a first-time homebuyer, and she recently went through the inspection process. What is her biggest concern about the inspection? “Everything the inspector said I needed to fix went right over my head.” And Mary not alone in this. According to Mike, in this industry, hiring an inspector who doesn’t know how to talk on your level with words that you can understand can make it difficult for you to get anything of value out of your Inspection.

Always ask all the questions, even the ones that you may think are dumb. First-time home buyers especially have no idea on what to expect from a home inspection. Your inspector knows a lot more about houses and construction than you – it is his job, after all – so don’t feel ashamed if you have to ask him to slow down or explain something differently.

Your home inspection will be a source of anxiety for a homebuyer no matter what, but you can make sure the money you pay for the inspection is money well spent by finding the right inspector and asking questions about things you don’t understand. So take your time thinking about everything you need to know and ask any of our licensed inspectors, they will take their time with you no matter how many questions you may have.

Michael Potts has been a License General Contractor and Inspector for 25 years and has been servicing Hudson, West chase, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Clearwater and surrounding areas

Mike Potts

Mike Potts

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in structural engineering, Mike moved to Tampa Bay and soon discovered a need in the community for trained, professional inspectors. Using his training in the field, Mike established Affordable Inspections, Inc. in 1992 and began offering his services to the public – inspecting commercial and residential properties. Taking on not just inspections, but full-on construction projects, Mike made a name for himself as an expert in structural engineering and worked on large commercial buildings in Tampa Bay and Clearwater.