Heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC inspections are used to determine the health, age and condition of the main systems in your home. Because the failure of these systems can be so expensive to fix, this is one of the most important inspections we offer.

HVAC Inspections include:

  • Identify make, model and year of manufacture of compressor/condenser unit and report on statistical life expectancy
  • Identify make, model and year of manufacture of air handling unit and report on statistical life expectancy
  • Evaluate capacity of system for size of home or building
  • Using laser targeted infrared thermography, we measure and report differential temperatures of supply and return air flows
  • Observe and report condition of air handler coil if accessible
  • Observe and report the condition of attic insulation and coolant line insulation
  • Observe and report condition of visible filters
  • Observe and report condition of visible ductwork and vents

HVAC Inspections In Florida

Some of the most common problems in Florida include leaks in duct work, dirty filters and inefficient air flow. Even small problems can mean big problems for home owners and increase costs every month. It’s now more important than ever to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

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I would Highly Recommend Mike and his company! The word AMAZING doesn’t even come close!

Paulette N.

Great job! Came within a day. Knew their stuff, trustworthy and was very thorough.

Lori P.

Good customer service is so hard to come by these days but they made me feel as if I was their TOP priority...

Laura C.

The inspection process was very thorough, and he demonstrated knowledge in construction/electrical codes, as well as state laws. His sense of humor was a plus too!

Michael M.

Thanks to him we were able to drop the price of our house by $30K and really find out what all was wrong with the place and what needed to be fixed.


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