Humidity vs. Dew Point

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Humidity vs. Dew Point

All throughout the crawl space industry, you will hear concerns of “High Humidity” and of the numerous products triggered to operate solely based on a single humidity reading. Humidity is important to understand, but it only tells part of the story of what is going on in a crawl space.

Why does ATMOX focus on dew point?

  • Humidity is measured as a percentage (rH%). The R is important as it stands for the relative temperature.  Humidity levels can vary greatly as temperature changes.
  • Dew point is measured as a temperature in degrees.  This is an absolute measure of the water vapor in the air.  It is the temperature at which the measured air mass would reach 100% humidity and cause condensation as the air can no longer hold all of the moisture.
  • When you ventilate a crawlspace you need to know if the air mass outside is drier than the air in the crawlspace. Since crawlspace temperatures are typically much colder than outside summer temperatures, humidity measurement alone can be misleading.
  • ATMOX also focuses on a comparison of dew point in two locations in order to properly ventilate the crawlspace only when beneficial.

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