Chinese drywall can be very dangerous and even fatal. Chinese drywall refers to defective or tainted drywall imported from China that was found by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories to emit hydrogen sulfide up to 100 times greater than non-Chinese produced drywall. Hydrogen sulfide is a hazardous gas which, in high concentrations, can be fatal to humans. In addition, Chinese drywall emits sulfur gasses which can produce a noxious odor and corrode copper and other metal surfaces thereby damaging your air conditioner, electrical wiring, copper plumbing, appliances, and electronics. Our Chinese Drywall Inspections are aimed at detecting this dangerous product from your home.

Chinese Drywall Inspection

Possible Toxicity In Chinese Drywall

According to Dr. Patricia Williams, a University of New Orleans toxicologist, highly toxic compounds have been found in Chinese drywall and prolonged exposure to these compounds can cause serious problems. Analytical testing of Chinese drywall samples have also revealed strontium sulfide, although there remains disagreement regarding whether strontium is a valid marker for Chinese drywall. Strontium sulfide may be dangerous to developing children as it affects bone growth.

Chronic exposure to these gasses may affect the central nervous system (including visual and sensory changes), cardiovascular system, eyes, kidneys, liver, and skin. Infants, children, the elderly, infirm (particularly those with heart and lung disease and diabetes) and pets may have an increased vulnerability to these gasses and the particulates that are released from the drywall. To date, the Florida Department of Health still maintains that the levels found in Chinese drywall are not high enough to present “an imminent or chronic health hazard at this time.” Many experts disagree.

Why Chinese Drywall Became Popular

Historically, builders used drywall (sheetrock, gypsum board or wallboard) that was manufactured in the United States for residential construction. However, during the construction boom years of 2002-2007, a shortage of domestic drywall forced many builders to purchase drywall products that were manufactured in China.

Drywall imported from China is generally found in homes built between 2004 and 2007. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until November of 2008 when floods of complaints by homeowners brought attention to Chinese drywall, that the dangers of its presence in homes became apparent.

We’re now faced with detecting and eliminating this harmful product from thousands of homes and it all begins with thorough Chinese Drywall Inspections. Affordable Inspections performs the best inspections for Chinese drywall and can advise you on its safe removal. We offer this inspection as a stand-alone service or as part of your general home inspection. If you suspect your home has Chinese drywall, call us today at (727) 224-0837 to schedule an inspection.

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Thanks to him we were able to drop the price of our house by $30K and really find out what all was wrong with the place and what needed to be fixed.


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