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ATMOX Fans: Part I

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ATMOX Fans: Part I

The ATMOX Controls and Sensors are a powerful tool for moisture control and receive much recognition for their uniqueness on the market for focusing on a dew point comparison for ventilation.

Often overlooked are the strengths and uniqueness of the ATMOX Fans. This ATMOX E-News is Part I of a series on the ATMOX fans.

Features of ATMOX Crawl Space Fans:

  • Create a balanced air flow across the entire area by using both Exhaust and Intake Fans.
  • Ventilate hard-to-reach areas with joist mounted Dead Space Fans or with Pipe Fans and ducting.
  • Distribute air flow by using multiple fans throughout the crawlspace instead of trying to horsepower all the air into one vent location
  • Run on 12VDC low voltage cable allowing multiple fans to run from one electrical outlet

Video: Crawlspace Fans and Air Flow

Learn more about the ATMOX Crawl Space Fans on the ATMOX Crawlspace/Basement Fans on our website.


Click here for a PDF of full ATMOX 12VDC Fan Product List.

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