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ATMOX Fans: Part II

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Key Feature of ATMOX Fans:  Quiet Operation


ATMOX Fans are designed to be quiet in their operation. 

  • Using multiple fans with lower CFM ratings in each fan location keeps the volume lower since no single fan is trying to blow all of the air.
  • ATMOX fans range in volume from 30 to 50 decibels.  As a comparison, normal conversation is around 60 decibels and a running dehumidifier is around 45 to 75 decibels.
  • Air is often drier outside during the night time so ATMOX fans will often run at night so volume of fans should be a consideration if fans will be near bedroom locations.

Video:  ATMOX Fans – Quiet Operation
Hear what they sound like when running.



Learn more about the ATMOX Fans on the ATMOX Crawlspace/Basement Fans 

or ATMOX Attic Fans pages on our website.

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